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Door Monitor

The Door Monitors have been designed to monitor access points leading to or from a controlled area, thus preventing doors from being accidentally left open or purposely propped open for extended periods of time. The 290 Series Door Monitors are fully self-contained alarm systems that can be mounted locally or remotely to monitor an access door using a simple closed loop magnetic reed switch. A perfect solution for that single exit door at the end of a long hallway or that isolated doorway everyone seems to forget about.

The 290-1 and 290-2 must be operated with a 12 volt externally supplied DC power source. If installed, the battery will perform a backup function should the external source fail. Both power sources have been designed to maintain a minimum sound pressure level of 85 dB.

NOTE: The unit will function at minimum 5 VDC at a very limited sounder volume. This power level is considered total battery failure.

CAUTION: To prevent a memory failure or circuit damage, external power source not to exceed 15 VDC.


  • Monitors Entry/Exit
  • Delay/Shunt Time Reprogrammable
  • Alarm Sounding Auto Reset Capable
  • Surface or Flush Mount Models
  • Remote Sounders And Control Options
  • External Power Required
  • Built-in Battery Backup Capable
  • Optional C Form Relay Outputs
  • Made In U.S.A.


Installation Instructions

The 290 Series Door Monitor mounts easily to the wall next to any door which allows access to or from a controlled area. Using a closed loop magnetic reed switch, the unit will detect and announce an open access door by sounding a loud continuous alarm upon expiration of the delay time set. A surface mount and a recessed mount model are offered. Both incorporate a built-in shunt deactivation button to extend door open time without alarm sounding. Although the 290 Series Door Monitor cannot be turned off, this feature will simply deactivate the alarm function for the maximum time limit chosen. During this time span, the door must be closed before the alarm sounds. Once the alarm is sounding it can be silenced by closing the door, if the auto reset function has been chosen. If the auto reset is not chosen, the deactivation button must also be depressed. The sounder cannot be disabled by simply holding down the deactivation button. If multiple openings lead to the area, the G.R.I. 290 Series alarms can monitor all by installing closed loop switches wired in series. In this way, any opening will be detected. Auxiliary Normally Open shunt/deactivation buttons or switches can also be wired to utilize the timed shunt feature. Additional remote sounders may be wired in to extend sounder range. Please contact your G.R.I. factory representative for additional information or custom software options.

Capable of multiple settings for a delay/shunt time, the 290 series alarms can be configured by simple jumper placement to program the desired function. Jumper placement and function descriptions are as shown in the following table.

  • 000 = 90 Second Delay/Aux Output Follows Alarm
  • 00X = 60 Second Delay/Aux Output Follows Alarm
  • 0X0 = 30 Second Delay/Aux Output Follows Alarm
  • X00 = 15 Second Delay/Aux Output Follows Alarm

There is also a jumper setting which allows the auxiliary output to follow the door with auto reset.

To change or reconfigure delay/shunt time, first disconnect all power sources, reposition the jumpers and reapply power. Initially two beeps should be heard to confirm power up. Within 15 seconds a third beep should be heard to confirm reprogramming is complete.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against workmanship, material and factory defects.

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Door Monitor