CS Current Sensor Series Switch Sets



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CS Current Sensor Series Switch Sets

The new sensors can be purchased with the protection built directly into your reed switch or you may prefer the CS-1 heat shrink version, which you connect in-line with your switches.

Two things cause switch failure:

1) Excessive Current: Switch protected from excessive current by Quick Blow fuse. Maximum reed switch rating is .5 amp. = 500 mA switching. If current exceeds .5 amp. fuse will blow. In Fail Safe condition, switch must be replaced.

2) High Voltage: SIDActor threshold 60 AC/DC volts. If voltage exceeds 60 volts, SIDActor will clamp down, channeling any voltage above 60 directly to ground but will not cause switch device to fail or mis-operate and will continue to work.


  • Fails Safe With Excessive Current
  • Micro-Weld Switch Protection
  • Channels Voltage Above 60 V To Ground
  • Available In Recessed & Surface Styles
  • Plus Heat Shrink For In-Line Installations
  • Made In U.S.A.


What's In The Box

  • 1 x Heat Shrink