Fire Retardant Lite Cable Tie, Hook and Loop, 10 Pack


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Plenum Lite Cable Tie, Hook and Loop, 10 pack, 1/2" Width, Various Lengths

Our Plenum Reusable Lite Cable Fastening Ties are ideal for bundling and organizing computer and network cables. Lite Cable Ties are constructed from a fabric material that has a hook and loop attachment allowing for easy reusable cable management. As these cable ties meet fire safety requirements they can be used above a hung ceiling and below raised floors. 

Product Quality

To ensure our Lite cable Ties are dependable, this product has been tested up to 200 release cycles for quality and a long service life.

Durability & Strength

These Lite Cable Ties are constructed of a fabric material with a Hook and Loop attachment that is both reusable and durable. The light low profile construction offers an economical way to manage cords and cables.



  • Quick, easy and strong
  • Excellent for computer, appliance and electronics wire management and is reusable
  • High quality, durable and tested for 200 release cycles.
  • Wraps onto itself for a secure hold
  • Adjustable
  • Cable ties hold until you remove them
  • Made In The U.S.A



Product Size Maximum Bundle Size
1/2" x 5" 1.00"
1/2" x 6" 1.25"
1/2" x 8" 1.75"
1/2" x 12" 2.75"
1/2" x 18" 4.75"

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Having an effective cable management system in place keeps your networking cable organized, which helps make system maintenance easier. We carry a wide assortment of cable management solutions. Our wire management solutions help organize and protect your network cabling by keeping it off the floor.

To learn more about our Wire & Cable Management please visit our overview page. Our Hook and Loop products can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

What's in the box?

What's in the box?

  • Qty 1 - 10 Pack of Selected Lite Cable Ties