AC Water Sensor - 24 Volt



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AC Water Sensor - 24 Volt

Using no mechanical parts, the Water Sensors are triggered by a moisture bridge across the sensor contacts. The GRI Sensor can be installed to detect a layer of liquid as minute as 1/16 of an inch in depth.

These Sensors use an external power source to energize a built-in relay contact (battery power is not recommended). Used in an active S.P.D.T. configuration, an alarm condition will occur when moisture is detected, power to the sensor is lost or if the sensor should fail. The relay output can be wired directly to a control panel or can be used to actuate an external device, i.e. transmitter, annunciator, etc., and can be used to monitor evaporative air conditioners, drip pans, overflows and/or drains.


  • Will Detect Any Conductive Non-Flammable Liquid
  • Ideal Anywhere Liquid Detection Is Required
  • Automatic Reset
  • Available In Gray Only
  • 6 Foot Jacketed Lead Standard
  • Custom Lead Lengths Available
  • 24 Volt AC Sensor
  • Made In U.S.A.


Installation Instructions

The Water Sensor is used to detect the presence of fluid and to provide a relay output for signal or control of an external device. The switch operates on 24 Volts AC and functions as a Normally Open or Normally Closed Sensor. The Red and Black wires power the switch while the Brown, White and Green wires are the relay output wires. After installation these units should be tested with a damp sponge or paper towel and inspected annually. If there is any corrosion or damage the sensor should be replaced.

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Fluid Sensor