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Glass Break Sensor, Security Acoustic Detector


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Security Acoustic Glassbreak Detector

Our Security Acoustic Glassbreak Detector with Advanced Signal Discrimination is an ideal addition or start-up to a well-equipped security system providing a home owner or a business owner from burglars. If you currently have a security system that needs a bit of updating, this Security Acoustic Glassbreak Detector offers advanced detection of sonic frequencies sounded by breaking glass. Being equipped with multi-level discriminating circuitry, this to capitalizes the response of breaking glass and minimizes the detection of normal environmental noises.

The structure of this detector offers a clean modern design which blends with any décor in its surrounded environment. Make note, this Security Acoustic Glassbreak Detector is extremely resistant to seismic shock and will not alarm in response to a slamming door or even a tap on the case. Also, Anti-shock prevents false alarms from mechanical shock. Lastly, Service Mount Device (SMD) technology and integral ground shield for high RF immunity.

In a world with security remaining a concern, this detector benefits in numerous situations. Ease, comfort, and convenience can be a great bonus knowing you have the right security assets guarding your boundaries.

Security Acoustic Glassbreak Detector

  • Clean, modern design blends with any décor
  • Advanced signal discrimination for accurate identification of breaking glass
  • Resistant to blinding by background noises
  • Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer
  • Anti-shick design prevents false alarms from mechanical shock
  • MOV static/lighting protection
  • SMD construction and integral ground shield for high RF immunity
  • Resistant to seismic shock
  • Does not respond to a slamming door or a tap on the case
  • Approval Listings: FCC/IC, ULC