Network Rack, Vertical PDU/Cable Management Bracket


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Cable D-rings and velcro loops are not included.


Vertical PDU/Cable Management Bracket

The PDU/Cable Bracket creates a vertical pathway for cable routing or PDU mounting. The PDU/Bracket installs to the racks horizontal uni-strut. This product requires 6.75" of usable depth. PDU mounting requires button style mounting provisions. Three vertical rows of squares receptacle holes included for installation of cable D-Rings or Velcro loops.

Product Quality

This product is manufactured by DAMAC products, DAMAC has a reputation for providing excellent data center infrastructure equipment.

Durability & Strength

These Vertical PDU/Cable Management Brackets provide great durability and strength for a long lasting service life.



  • Numerous Lacing Slots - Lacing slots nearly cover the entire length of the panel allowing convenient routing to either side of the rack.
  • Strain Reliever - Relieves cable weight from network equipment, and also helps to avoid connection ports from being damaged or disconnected.
  • Custom Design - The PDU/Cable Bracket allows users to add D-Rings or Velcro loops, whichever is best for the job. They can hold cables in just about any position or place. Velcro loops and D-rings are sold separately.
  • Slim Profile - provides the cable management you need without using a lot of your valuable rack real estate.



Length Width Depth Weight
71.75" 6.75" 0.39" 3 lbs.

Additional Information

Rack Accessories

Effective cable organization involves more than just the combination of cable raceway, ladder racks, and server racks. Sometimes it's the little things, like server rack accessories that bring the network components together. We stock an assortment of rack accessories including: D-ring cable managers, horizontal and vertical cable managers, cable management duct covers, and cable routing banks, just to name a few.

To learn more about our Rack Accessories please visit our overview page. Cable Management Brackets can be combined with a wide array of products such as:

What's in the box?

What's in the box?

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