Pool Alarm Door Alert - U.L. Listed - DPA-10/DPA-10D Series


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Pool Alarm Monitoring System, Surface Mount, UL Listed (Instant On Or 7 Second Delay)

The Pool Alarm Door Alert uses a microprocessor to monitor the closed loop magnetic reed switch(es), shunt/cancel button, and battery voltage and provides the timing options. Model DPA-10 is set to alarm instantly if the protected door is opened before pressing the shunt/cancel button. Model DPA-10D is set to an initial seven second delay. In which case, the unit will wait 7 seconds upon door opening before alarming. In all cases, depressing the shunt/ cancel button will provide a maximum 15 second window of alarm deactivation and automatically reset upon expiration.

The Pool Alarm Door Alert  operate on a 9 volt battery. U.L. requires that a Duracell alkaline battery be used.



  • Monitors Entry to Pool/Spa Areas
  • Listed per U.L. 2017
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Battery Operated
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Exceeds Operational Requirements™of Model Barrier Codes
  • Surface Mount
  • Made In U.S.A.


Installation Instructions

Installing the Door Sensor:

The Pool Alarm uses closed loop magnetic reed switches. It must be mounted as per local codes and/or regulations. Please confirm Alarm location prior to locating and mounting door sensor. The door sensor consists of two parts: a magnetic switch and an actuation magnet. The switch may be identified by the two exposed terminal screws. Once the Alarm position has been determined, the door sensor must be located and mounted within 36 inches of the Alarm unit. A 36 inch lead is provided from the Alarm unit. Mount the switch to the door frame similar to Figure 1. To ensure proper actuation, the magnet must be mounted within one half inch of the magnetic switch, however, they do not need to touch. The door opening should cause separation of the switch and magnet resulting in an alarm condition. Double sided tape and self tapping screws are provided as methods of switch and magnet mounting. Two switch and magnet sets are provided. One each for the main door and the screen door.

Installing the Pool Alarm:

NOTE: The POOL ALARM must be mounted as per local codes and/ or regulations.

Remove the POOL ALARM from the surface mount case. A knockout is provided on the back of the case for wire exit. Attach the surface mount case directly to the wall. Attach the 36 inch lead which extends from the Alarm to the door sensor.

Connect an alkaline 9 volt battery. The alarm will beep once during power up indicating a successful diagnostics test. Lay the battery in the bottom of the case and reassemble the POOL ALARM with the button toward the bottom of the case and the sounder above. Secure with the two screws provided.

To maintain maximum sounder volume, a low battery mode will be initiated. Should the voltage drop below 8.5 volts, the low battery mode will be triggered and the unit will sound 1 beep approximately every 10 seconds. The battery must be replaced at this time. It is recommended to replace the battery at least once annually.

What's In The Box

  • 1 x Pool Alarm Monitoring System