Rare Earth Mighty Mag Series Switch Sets - N20RS Series - 10 Pack



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Rare Earth Mighty Mag Series Switch Sets - N20RS Series - 10 Pack

“Mighty Mag” contacts will assist in resolving the installer’s problem of drilling into the new thinner vinyl windows. These rare earth magnets are less than 1/8” high and install fast and easily without worry about damage to the window itself.

Mighty Magnets make use of a rare earth alloy which allows the size of the magnet to be significantly reduced while still retaining or improving the gap involved. These rare earth magnets can be mounted with the stainless steel mounting screws provided (MM-400 and MM-600) and/or double stick tape included in the bag, or may be glued into place.

Note: We suggest using a silicone or clear nail polish sealant on the surface of installed rare earth magnets to prevent corrosion.


  • Rare Earth Magnets Paired With Press To Fit Contacts
  • Solves Problem Installs
  • Time Saving Installations
  • Nickel Plated To Protect From Chipping And Corrosion
  • Use MM-600 With A Standard Gap Switch To Attain Wide Gap
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In U.S.A.


What's In The Box

  • (10) - Rare Earth Mighty Mag Series Switch Set