ProStrip 25R Coax Stripper

ProStrip 25R Coax Cable Stripper


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ProStrip 25R Coax Cable Stripper

Fast, accurate stripping right out of the box. Each SealSmart Coax Stripper is pre-set at the factory for a specific coax cable size and strip length.

The new Pro Strip 25R is a rugged 2 level coaxial cable stripper designed for the professional contractor. Quick change blade cartridges are factory pre-set for industry standard 1/4" cable preparation eliminating the need for tedious, time consuming blade depth adjustments. Stainless steel rollers provide smoother concentric, non-binding rotation on a wide range of cables for fast professional results. No adjustments required!


  • Industry standard 1/4' (6mm) strip length.
  • For 23/24/25AWG conductor cables
  • Precision ground strip nest.
  • Cut and chase threads on 16/32 & 8/32 bolts
  • Serrated plier nose for gripping, pulling, and twisting
  • Holes in jaw for looping wire
  • Rugged HRC45 housing
  • Rust resistant black oxide finish
  • Wire sizes marked on both sides for left and right handed users

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