Raceway Duct Tee Fitting


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Raceway Duct Tee-Fitting

Our Raceway Duct Tee Fittings are designed to attach three raceway sections while maintaining a proper bend radius. This product is used to change the direction of your raceway or to split it off into multiple directions. With this raceway fitting, you can conceal, protect, and route low voltage cabling. Available in white, ivory, and office white colors.

Product Quality

This product is great for voice, video, and data cabling systems.

Durability & Strength

The T-Fitting is applicable for indoor use, offering a crush resistance of 300 lbs. per GR3126 Requirement. This product is constructed from Rigid Flexible PVC.



This fitting is comparable to the following Panduit, Wiremold, Tyton and Dek part numbers:

Size Panduit Part Number Wiremold Tyton Part Number Dek Part Number
.75" TFC3 2715 TSR1-21-1 043-0021
1.25" TFC5 2815 TSR2-21-1 N/A
1.75" TCF10 2915 TSR3-21-1 042-0021