Roller Ball Actuated Plunger Switch, Closed Loop, Flanged, Short, w/ Leads - 10 Pack


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Made in USA UL Listed


Roller Ball Actuated Plunger Switch, Closed Loop, Flanged, Short, w/ Leads - 10 Pack (White)

The new Short Roller Ball Switch is a unique combination of many features most requested by today's top install technicians. The single mounting configuration also eliminates the need for multiple stock variations like those required for horizontal and vertical mounting. It replaces the Dome Switch.

The 360° of ball access provides smooth travel of the ball downward resulting in longer life and better reliability. The shorter length of the body helps the installer by eliminating the need for a long, deep hole to allow for a switch housing. It fits in a 3/4" hole. The collar is flanged to ensure reliability with positioning and positive retention when the switch is installed.

The new short roller ball style switch uses a magnetic reed with a rolling ball to control the magnet. The ball plunger can be activated from any direction. The switch is actuated when the ball rolls into the switch rather than simply being forced into the housing.

Important Note: Short Roller Ball Switches are not recommended for the bottom or side track of windows and doors.

Note: Closed Loop or "normal closed" means the switch is closed when magnet is in close proximity.



  • 360° Of Ball Access, Provides Smooth Travel Of The Plunger For Longer Life And Better Reliability
  • Terminal Switch Indicated By "T" Designation
  • Plated Contacts Resist Sticking Or Freezing
  • Total Travel - .200 / Pre Travel - .080 ± .030
  • Cable Leads: 12", 36" Or 72"
  • Hardware And Spacer Included
  • UL And ULC Approved
  • Screw Down Flange
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Fits 3/4" Hole
  • Closed Loop
  • Color: White
  • Made In U.S.A.



    Technical Specs:

    Loop Type:   Closed  
    Electrical Config:   N/O
    Reed Form:   A  
    Maximum Intitial Contact Resistance (Ω):   .150
    Maximum Contact Rating (W):   10  
    Maximum Switching Voltage (VDC):   200
    Maximum Switching Current (A):   .500  
    Travel Total:   .200
    Pre Travel:   .080 ± .030

     What's in the box?

    What's in the box?

    • Qty 10 - Short Roller Ball Switches + Hardware + Spacers