Long Side Mount L-Shaped Fan/Fixture Vapor Box



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UL Listed Made in USA


Side Mount L-Shaped Vapor Box

Our Round Side Mount Screw-On Vapor Boxes are for fans and fixtures. This product has built-in flanges and gaskets that form a protective barrier against air infiltration. Enabling installers to meet local codes where required, fast and easy this product installs in new construction and mounts to wood or steel joists with nails or screws.

Our economical L-shaped fan/fixture boxes mount securely to joist with a shipped-in-place center screw.



  • Styles for single or double drywall
  • Vapor barrier prevents air infiltration in bracket and box
  • Includes extra gasket material for knockouts
  • Installation screws ship captive
  • Two hour fire rating
  • UL Ratings:
    70 lb fan/200 lb fixture
    CSA: 50 lb fan or fixture

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • 1 - Round Long Side Mount Screw-On L-Shaped Vapor Box for Fans & Fixtures