Plenum Security Alarm Cable - 22/2 (7 Strand), CMP, Shielded, 1000ft

Security Alarm Cable - Plenum (CMP) - 22/2 AWG, CL3P, Stranded (7 Strand), Shielded, 1000ft, White


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Security Alarm Cable 22/2 (7 Strand) Plenum CMP Rated Shielded 1000'

This 22 AWG 2 conductor Security Alarm Cable was designed for Security Systems but can also be used for intercom systems, power limited controls and sound/audio systems. The cables are made from 7 strand bare copper cable. It is shielded with a Plenum CMP Rated white colored jacket and is made in the USA. This 22/2 Security Cable is supplied in increments of 1000 ft.



  • 22 AWG 2 conductors
  • 7 stranded bare copper conductors
  • Low smoke PVC insulation
  • AL foil shielded
  • Low smoke white PVC jacket
  • Sequential footage marking
  • CMP FT6 rated
  • ETL listed
  • RoHS compliant
  • NEC articles
    • 22-16 AWG: FPLP/760, CMP/800, CL3P, CL2P/725
    • 14-12 AWG: FPLP, CL3P

Residential or Commercial Applications

  • Security systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Sound/audio systems
  • Power-limited controls



Physical Construction

Inner Conductor Stranded Bare Copper
Conductor Size 22 AWG
Insulation PVC
Nominal OD 3.35mm
Outer Jacket Diameter .38mm
Jacket Low Smoke PVC
Jacket Color Gray
Number of Strands 7
Inner Conductor Diameter 1.2mm

Electrical Characteristcs

Temperature 75°C
Voltage Rating 300V
Center Resistance 21.20 (Ω/km)

Additional Information

Standards ETL | RoHS | CMP
Applications Security Systems | Intercom Systems Sound | Audio Systems | Power-Limited Controls
Jacket Printing 22 AWG 2C (ETL) 725/CL3P 800/CMP (VID:###) XXXX FT
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What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Security Alarm Cable - Plenum (CMP) - 22/6 AWG, CL3P, Stranded (7 Strand), Shielded, White
  • 1000 Ft