Single-Gang Center Section For Gangable boxes - New Construction


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Single-Gang Center Section - New Construction

Our Single-Gang Center Section is a part of Arlington's gangable plastic box collection. This piece easily snaps together with other pieces to save you time and money. Now you can build the box you need - when you need it - just by snapping the ends and center section(s) together.

The two-piece, nail-on FEN102, screw-on FES102 or FER102 make a two-gang box when snapped together. But if you need a three-gang to ten-gang box, just add the number of center sections needed to create the new, larger box.



  • Use a screwdriver to disassemble or separate the parts. Add or remove the center section(s), then snap the pieces back together... fast and easy!
  • Great-looking installation of multiple gang boxes
  • UL Listed

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • 1 - Single-Gang Center Section Works For Gangable Plastic Boxes - New Construction