Steel CAM-LIGHT™ KIT for Fixtures and Security Devices



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Made in USA UL Listed


Steel CAM-BOX™ Kit For Suspended Ceilings

Our CAM-LIGHT™ Box offers a great way to install fixtures, smoke detectors and more, on a suspended ceiling, drywall ceiling or wall. This product saves you time and money, the tested assembly holds up to 50lbs on a suspended or drywall ceiling.

This product fits any security camera hole pattern because you drill the holes in the mounting plate. Larger cameras (4.5" to 7" diameter base) mount directly to the box flange. CAM-LIGHT BOX features a drop wire for support; mounting wings for attachment to the ceiling and 1/2" and 3/4" knockouts.



  • Designed to install security cameras to a suspended ceiling panel - fast with a 4" hole saw
  • Rated up to 50 lbs on a suspended ceiling (or drywall ceiling) in combination with the drop wire for support
  • Rated up to 10 lbs on a drywall ceiling without drop wire
  • Rated up to 7 lbs on walls
  • For security cameras, it fits any hole pattern because you drill the holes in the appropriate location in the flange, cameras with mounting holes set wider than 4.5" apart install directly to the box flange
  • Mounting wings hold bracket securely against wall when screws are tightened
  • White, non-metallic, paintable flange
  • Steel version for use where metal raceways are required
  • Steel version installs with 4-1/2" hole saw
  • 1/2" and 3/4" knockouts
  • Box rotates in either direction for proper camera position

What's In the Box

What's In the Box

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