Fixed Temperature Sensors



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Fixed Temperature Sensors

For those property owners who are concerned about frozen water pipes bursting, fluctuating greenhouse temperatures, vacation homes in cold climates or any unattended structure where a fixed temperature is crucial, the GRI T8000 series of fixed temperature sensors provides the proper protection. The T8000 series can be used in computer rooms, walk-in coolers, and similar places where the monitoring of temperature is needed.

Prior to connecting the temperature sensor determine the monitoring application. When the ambient temperature goes below the trip temperature limit, the contacts will open. Is the temperature above or below the trip temperature? Are you monitoring a cold environment to warn you of a heating condition or are you monitoring a warm environment that is critical of colder temperatures? Now make the appropriate connection to your alarm control panel as an open or closed loop for detections. Here’s why.

The sensors are pre-set with a temperature limit. When the ambient temperature goes below the trip temperature limit, the switch configuration will change. The T8070 is designed for network operation center rooms, main computer distribution facilities, head ends for CCTV and file server rooms.

Sensors Available in:
  • T8000 0°C/32°F - For notification of a freeze
  • T8005 5°C/41°F - For use with refrigerators, walk-in coolers.
  • T8050 10°C/50°F - For use in second homes, cabins and unoccupied buildings.
  • T8060 60°C/140°F - For monitoring high temperature requirements.
  • T8070 21°C/70°F - For use in computer rooms


  • General temperature monitoring
  • Low cost protection
  • Easy to install
  • Closed above activation temperature
  • Made In U.S.A.


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