Recessed TV Box™ for Power and Low Voltage - Steel



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UL Listed Made in USA

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Recessed Steel TV Box™ - 2-gang power & 2-gang low voltage

Our recessed steel combination power and low voltage TV Box™ is a great way to mount flat screen TV's flush against a wall. This product is great for hotels and other settings where furniture and/or appliances need to be pushed closer to the wall. Plugs and connectors stay inside the box without extending past the wall.

This product is designed for use in commercial construction where metal raceway is used; the steel TV Box™ provides power and/or low voltage in one or more of the openings.



  • Steel box with non-metallic paintable white or black trim plate
  • Easy to install, secure installation
  • Mounting wings on two- and three gang styles hold boxes securely against the wall in retrofit projects
  • Boxes screw-mount to stud in new construction
  • Optional covers for unused boxes
  • UL Listed

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

 Item Dim A Dim B Dim C
TVBS613 5.35" 17.63" 7.5"
TVBS613BL 5.35" 17.63" 7.5"

1 - 4-Gang Recessed Steel TV Box™ - 2-Gang Power & 2-Gang Low Voltage Electrical Box