Two-Gang Power/Low-Voltage TV Bridge II Kit



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TV BRIDGE™ II Kit, Two-Gang

Our Two-Gang Power/Low-Voltage TV Bridge II Kit provides a fast, easy way to install recessed power and low voltage outlets on a wall. Included with this kit are two boxes and the necessary connections needed to install power and low voltage cables without cutting into wall framing members.

Installation of this product is easy- all you need to do is cut two openings in the wall, one near a power source and the other at the proper height you need the recessed outlet to be.



  • Mounting wing screws hold the boxes secure against the wall
  • Plugs and connections stay inside the recessed boxes so TV mounts flush against the wall
  • No mess! - wires stay hidden behind the wall
  • TV Bridge™ II kits in four styles:
    • TVB712BK power/low voltage box (power side angled)
    • TVBRA2K power/low voltage box
    • TVBRA1K Single-gang power box
    • TVBRA3K power/low voltage box at top, single gang at bottom

Additional Information

Additional Information

Low Voltage Box Installation

 Item  Dim A  DIm B DIm C
TVBRA2K 10.875" 7.875" 7.375"